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Emily Jolley_outgoing summer_detail_2022.jpg

Emily Jolley


Emily is a fine artist who works in a variety of media, specialising in expressive abstract paintings incorporating emulsion paint. She lives in Huntingdon.



Founder of Huntingdon Art Gallery. Featured in Abstract Expressions; Significant Form

IMG_1869 1.jpg

Karen Jinks 


Karen is a professional artist, designer and illustrator. Her multi-layered paintings, collages and drawings are full of texture and interest. She lives in Cambridge.



Featured in Abstract Expressions; Paper and PrintFeeling the Landscape

Amy Wormald mini canvas (1) (1).jpg

Amy Wormald


Amy is a fine artist who paints rural and urban landscapes making bold use of colour, including zingy neons. Inspired by our ever-changing environments, she lives in Cambridge.


Emma Malfroy_untitled.jpg

Emma Malfroy 

Emma is an artist working in collage, paint and print. Often creating her own collage papers, her images of local landscapes and the natural world are teaming with texture. She lives in Cambridge.


Featured in Paper and Print

Laura Chaplin_hash house daisy cutter.jpg

Laura Chaplin 


Laura is a fine art printmaker. Her painterly screen prints build impressionistic layers to her images. She lives and works in Cambridge.


Featured in Paper and Print

Tam Cochrane_Escaping in a hot air balloon_crop.jpg

Tam Cochrane 


Tam is a painter and printmaker who skillfully builds up layers of interest which bring depth to his colourful abstract works. He lives in Histon.


Featured in Significant Form

Penny Lindop_abstract landscape_edited.jpg

Penny Lindop 


Penny is a painter who uses watercolour and mixed media to create loose semi-abstract paintings inspired by her local fen landscape, flowers and natural forms. She lives on the Norfolk/Suffolk border.


Featured in Feeling the Landscape

Deborah Pendell Stamp Collection-4_square crop.jpg

Deborah Pendell 

Deborah is a photographic and mixed media artist who reflects her love of colour and the creation of mood and metaphor in her impactful artworks. She lives in Cambridge.


Featured in Writ

Wall of women III, Luciana Rosado,15x15cm.jpg

Luciana Rosado 

Luciana's thoughtful works connect words with fields of colour that invite us to reflect on ourselves as well as her paintings. She lives and works in Cambridge.


Featured in Writ


Phil Cope 

Phil creates perfectly formed contemporary sculptures from natural materials, often assemblages of wood and stone. He lives and works in Cambridge.


Featured in Significant Form

Gary Dadd Nina Simone.jpeg

Gary Dadd 

Gary specialises in bold contemporary portraits in pen and ink. His signature artworks are drawn with handwriting. He lives and works in Cambridge.


Featured in Writ

Cat Mellis_diver tag.JPG

Cat Mellis - Currently showing at H A G

Cat produces unique screen-prints which combine her background in graffiti art, fine-art painting, drawing and printmaking. She loves layers, luminosity, and is inspired by the sea. She lives and works in Cambridge.


Featured in Land | Sky | Sea

Clare mIllen_shadow lands ii_square crop.jpg

Clare Millen - Currently showing at H A G

Clare is a local artist and lecturer who builds up, scrapes and scores layers of paint into emotionally-charged abstract landscapes that are 'nowhere yet everywhere'. She lives and works in Hemingford Grey, Cambridgeshire.


Featured in Land | Sky | Sea

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