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Significant form: 24 December - 2 February

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

© Phil Cope

The title of this show, significant form, was used by art critic and Bloomsbury Group member Clive Bell to describe the idea that the form of an artwork can be expressive, even if largely or completely divorced from a recognizable reality.

Here we introduce artists Tam Cochrane, Phil Cope, and Emily Jolley. Working in different styles all featured artists produce expressive works which make full use of their chosen medium to convey through colour, line, juxtaposition, the feeling of what first inspired them.

We're pleased to present these works which invite new ways of looking at and experiencing the world around us as we look forward to what a new year will bring.

'Lines and colours combined in a particular way, certain forms

and relations of forms, stir our aesthetic emotions' Clive Bell

All featured work is for sale.

10% of all sales is donated to local mental health and wellbeing charity Arts and Minds.

About the artists:

Tam Cochrane's multi-layered abstract works retain the feeling of what inspired them; for selected works this includes landscapes and rock formations. He creates his works using layers of photography, mixed media including painting, and printing. The result is high impact images that reward contemplation through the discovery of new combinations of colour, texture and line. Tam lives and works in Histon.

© Tam Cochrane

Phil Cope produces sculptures ranging from miniature monoliths to works that hold assemblages of contrasting materials (wood, stone, metal) in balance and tension. The table-top scale of Phil's work makes them truly accessible while channeling the visual language typically used for much larger works. Inspired by natural forms, in this case by the female figure, Phil's works are shown alongside sketches that informed their development. Phil lives and works in Cambridge.

© Phil Cope

Emily Jolley's work is inspired by experiencing the local landscape. In the examples shown this includes the bursts of colour seen against a background of green as late summer goes out in a blaze, giving way to the new season. While primarily a painter whose signature material is emulsion paint, Emily regularly explores other techniques. We're pleased to include her first work produced in stained glass. Emily lives and works in Huntingdon.

© Emily Jolley

Exhibition duration: Saturday 24 December – Thursday 2 February 2023

For sales please visit or contact Cambs Lock at

For other enquiries please contact


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