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Gallery closed - for now

A message from our founder:

It's with a heavy heart that after this month, May 2024, I won't be running Huntingdon Art Gallery for the foreseeable future. 

This is due to personal circumstances which mean that I am having to put limits on what I can commit myself to.  

Since the pint-sized space opened in October 2022 there have been 17 exhibitions, which have featured 21 brilliant local artists. I think this is a success!

To every artist that's worked with me: thank you for being part of this adventure with me, and for sharing your wonderful work with the people of Huntingdon.

To the rest of the HAG team, Paula who runs Cambs Lock, Priya at the Toasterly Awesome cafe, and Karen for this website and other practical, professional and personal support: thank you - this couldn't have happened without you.

I have loved every minute of working on HAG, and I know that it will be missed.

© Emily Jolley and Indie Cambridge

Photographer Julian Eales for Indie Cambridge


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